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11 May 2020
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Air compressors  are versatile machines and perform a variety of tasks when attached to pneumatic tools. They have many applications, types and capacities, which can be confusing if you are not familiar with the world of compressors. We want customers to be able to clearly understand products before you make any decisions.
  1. Air compressor sold by ACParts
The air compressors sold by ACParts are divided into two types. The  piston air compressor which sometimes wheeled, or can be mounted on a cart or small vehicle and will enable use of small tools on work-sites, it can be support 2-15hp only ; Another is screw air compressor, it can provide a steady supply of compressed air, are heavy duty, and have more detailed features. These compressors can power multiple tools at higher pressure continuously and are used in industries, it can be 10-200hp above.
  1. Type of compressor: Single or two stage?
Single-stage air compressors are low capacity and the smaller models can be moved manually. These are for applications like air brushing, for small shops and homes. They have varying capacities and may also include a small storage tank for compressed air in larger models.
Two-stage air compressors are for garages and manufacturing facilities and can provide enough power to simultaneously run several air tools. These models compress the air twice, have storage tanks, and are therefore priced higher. Tank sizes can go up to 10,000 liters and beyond, and hold a lot of compressed air, which lets you reduce the input power consumption.
  1. Capacity and delivery of the air compressor
Your air compressor’s capacity and delivery will depend on these factors:
PSI – Pounds per Square Inch:  A higher PSI is more compressed air for a given tank size.
CFM –The amount of air delivery possible in Cubic Feet per Minute. A higher CFM is more practical when the number of tools being used increase.
HP – The amount of power produced by the compressor motor. A higher horsepower produces greater PSI.
  1. Screw or piston compressor?
Piston air compressors typically provide lower air output and lower air quality. These also generate more noise and work at higher temperatures. They may need more maintenance at a given duty cycle. They also consume relatively more power for a given output. Selecting a rotary screw compressor improves reliability, improves air quality, reduces energy costs and reduces maintenance. In the long run, these will make up for any additional costs.
  1. Inverter control and synchronizing improve power saving efficiency
The screw air  compressor equipped with the Inverter control is used for the working condition in which the gas volume of the gas end varies greatly, and the Inverter control unit adjusts the rotation speed according to the actual required gas volume, thereby greatly reducing the energy consumption by more than 35%. When the inverter starts, the motor starts smoothly and does not generate peak current. According to the actual situation, the synchronizing can avoid the frequent start and stop of the air compressor, damage the equipment and reduce the impact on the power grid, and achieve an economic and stable operating state.
  1. Choose the right air compressor manufacturer and supplier
Despite the many manufacturers, your new compressors will need to be reliable and require good support over their useful life to keep them in top condition.
ACparts' choice is limited to manufacturers with a long history of machine business and reliability. Finding and commissioning reliable suppliers to provide transportation and local support can alleviate your worries! Contact us today! Hot Line : +6016-7331290

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