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Causes of overheated compressor

28 Jun 2019
Causes of overheated compressor
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Causes of overheated compressor:

1. High surrounding temperature:
The air ventilation of the compressor room is normally bad or is to be said no air ventilation at all, which will cause the high room temperature too. When the compressor take in high temperature air, the oil temperature of the internal structure of a compressor will rise and  hence it will spoil the compartment of the compressor.
2. The cooler is too dirty or clogged:
Cooler is the main compartment in a compressor to lower down the temperature. However, if the cooler was clogged, it will slow down or totally block the flow of the oil through the cooler and overheating will occur. Besides, if the outer part of a compressor is dirty, it will block the air  from the cooler fan passing through the heat sink of a cooler. This will also affect the function of a cooler in lower down the oil temperature inside a compressor.
3. Insufficient oil:
The machine head cannot cool down if there’s insufficient oil inside a compressor. This results in the overheating.
These are the causes of overheating compressor. High temperature will spoil or shorten the lifespan of the compartments inside a compressor. This will cause extra expenses or loss to the user. There is actually compressor which is using smaller cooler just to cut their production cost while producing the compressor. When this type of compressor is fully loaded, it will lead to overheating situation. Attention on design specifications in every aspects of a compressor is important when choosing or buying a compressor to avoid more loss in future.


1. 环境温度过高:一般空压机房里本身的通风系统做的不是很理想,或是完全不透风,造成机房内温度高,这样空压机吸入的空气温度过高,机头内部油温就会不断升高,以致高温损坏各机件。
2. 冷却器肮脏或严重阻塞:冷却器是冷却油温的主要元件,当其内部或外部产生阻塞时,以致油无法通过或慢速通过冷却器,这都会造成油温无法降下来,另外如果冷却器外部肮脏、阻塞也会使冷却风扇的风无法通过冷却器的散热片,而会产生油温无法冷却的问题。
3. 油量不足:油量会因为不足,以致不够油量来冷却机头所产生的热量,所以产生高温现象。

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