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7 steps to let you know the parts that need to be cleaned regularly inside the air compressor!

04 Nov 2022
7 steps to let you know the parts that need to be cleaned regularly inside the air compressor!
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The cleaning of the air compressor includes the whole machine cleaning, the water-air separator, the cooler, etc.

In practice, if the air compressor runs for too long, will accumulate a lot of dust, oil, and various particles, and there will be oil scale, carbon deposition, sediment, rust, etc., so it is necessary to clean the internal parts of the air compressor regularly, to eliminate hidden safety risks.
The cleaning of the air compressor includes the whole machine cleaning, water and gas separator, cooler, and so on. Today, we will introduce it in detail.

1. Cleaning of the whole machine
First, run the air compressor for a few minutes, and the oil reaches normal temperature;
Close the air compressor, and when the internal pressure is relieved, open the refueling cover, pour in the air compressor cleaning agent, and tighten the refueling cover;
Turn on the air compressor and run it for 30 minutes;
Drain old oil, then add new oil;
Generally, the temperature of the air compressor will drop by about 10 degrees after cleaning.
2. Cleaning of water and gas separator

The structure of the screw air compressor water and gas separator is similar to the oil and gas tank, and the air inlet is designed against the wall, so it forms the centrifugal force, the weight factor of water and gas, so it can effectively separate the water in the compressed air.
The cleaning method is to open the cover of the water and gas separator and soak and clean it with a cleaning agent.
3. cooler cleaning
1. Water-cooled cooler:
Disassemble the cooling water inlet and outlet pipe; Infuse the cleaning solution to soak or rinse with pump circulation; Rinse with clean water; Install cooling water inlet and outlet pipes.

2. Air-cooled cooler:
Open the air hood to clean the cover, or remove the cooling fan;
Use compressed air to blow the dirt down, and then take the dirt out of the air hood; If it is dirty, spray some oil remover and blow again.
When the screw air compressor cannot be cleaned by the above method, the cooler needs to be removed, soaked, or sprayed with cleaning liquid and cleaned with a brush (strictly prohibited to use a steel wire brush).
Install a cover plate or cooling fan
3. Oil cooler:
When the scaling of the oil cooler is serious and the cleaning method mentioned above is not ideal, you can remove the oil cooler separately, open the end cover of both ends, and remove the scale with a special cleaning steel brush or other tools.
When cleaning the medium side of the cooler cannot effectively reduce the temperature, the screw air compressor needs to clean the oil side, and the steps are as follows:
Disassemble the inlet and outlet tubing;
Inject cleaning solution to soak or wash with pump circulation (recoil effect is better);
Rinse with clean water;
Blow dry with dry air or remove water with dehydrated oil;
Load the inlet and outlet line.
4, screw   air compressor temperature control valve cleaning
There is a side cover on the side of the temperature control valve of the screw air compressor, and there is a screw hole on the cover. Find a suitable nut to screw into the side cover.
Then use the spring pliers to remove the spring fix the side cover, and then use the pliers to pull the nut just screwed in,
You can remove the side cover and all parts inside.
Clean all components of the temperature control valve in the same way as cleaning load reducing valve.
5. Load reduction valve (intake valve) cleaning
Bilge is serious when such as inlet valve, change a new detergent when cleaning, cleaning process should be wash cleaner parts, after washing the dirt more components, components used water rinse again, to avoid corrosion and shorten the service life of components, wash clean parts in a clean place to dry, to avoid rusty iron parts.
When cleaning the place where the valve sheet and the valve body contact valve sheet, attention should be paid to the flatness of the surface, and it should be cleaned and replaced when necessary, otherwise it will cause the air compressor to start with load (the screw air compressor can not start when the large unit starts with load).
6. Minimum pressure valve cleaning
Although the minimum pressure valve in the screw air compressor looks small, don't look down on it. It controls the whole machine. All the more reason to be careful.
The structure of the minimum pressure valve is very simple. Unscrew the nut of the screw air compressor between the spool and the valve body to remove the components inside. The minimum pressure valve spool of the small unit is built into the valve body, and all the internal components can be removed by disassembling the valve body cover.
The minimum pressure valve can be cleaned according to the load reduction valve method. The minimum pressure valve of the screw air compressor is put aside to be loaded into the air compressor after the whole cleaning process is completed.
7. return oil check valve cleaning
The function of the oil return check valve is to recover the oil of the oil and gas separator to the host without letting the oil of the host flow back to the oil and gas separator.
Return oil single valve in the valve body has a connection, from the unscrew, remove the spring, ball, and ball seat.
Clean the return oil check valve: clean the valve body, spring, steel ball, and steel ball seat with the cleaning agent, and some check valves inside the filter screen, if any, clean them together.

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