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Why Does Your Screw Air Compressor Keep Water?

22 Aug 2022
Why Does Your Screw Air Compressor Keep Water?
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1. When the screw machine is running, the compressed air contains condensed water in the atmosphere. In the continuous operation of the machine, the oil temperature gradually rises to 80íŠ, and the condensed water in the oil starts to evaporate, and the water is discharged to the gas storage tank with the compressed air.

2. Due to the selection or user gas consumption being very small, the screw machine operation load rate is seriously low, which leads to the screw oil temperature can not reach 80íŠ or above for a long time, and the oil and gas barrel starts to water, and the oil core load is a heavy and fast failure. In serious cases, the oil will deteriorate and emulsify, leading to the main engine rotor rust stuck.

• Pilot production in the factory
• Humid and humid weather
• Low unit loading rate
• If the exhaust temperature is low, corresponding measures should be taken immediately
- Check the oil level frequently for the abnormal rise
- Drain a little lubricating oil from the discharge pipe at the bottom of the cylinder before starting each time
- Try to raise the exhaust temperature (adjust the fan temperature switch, etc.)

1. In the case of low gas consumption or high humidity in the weather, the screw shutdown machine shall be shut down for 6 hours and the condensed water in the oil and gas barrel shall be emptied regularly until the oil is seen to flow out. (how long to discharge once according to the screw machine operating environment).
2. Properly discharge the pressure of the gas storage tank at the rear end, and manually raise the oil temperature to above 80íŠ for operation.
3. For users with very small gas consumption, adjust the fan temperature switch, adjust the heat dissipation, and raise the oil temperature (blocking the air inlet or outlet).
4. Check the oil level before starting each time to see whether there is an abnormal rise or oil emulsification, and take corresponding measures immediately in case of an abnormal situation.

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