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10 Ways to Troubleshoot Air Compressors

10 Mar 2022
10 Ways to Troubleshoot Air Compressors
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Your air compressor is one of your most valuable assets and is a highly complex machine. Knowing how to troubleshoot an air compressor is crucial when it fails. This is a major investment for any company because it allows you to quickly see where the problem is.

10 Crucial Tips for Dealing with Too Loud Air Compressor Running-

  • When the compressor is running too loudly, there can be many problems, such as loose pulleys, flywheels, belts, coolers, or accessories. Tightening any of these might help. You may also want to fill the crankcase with oil and inspect the bearings for any damage. Floor mounts may also be loose and need to be tightened. You may also need to replace the vibration pad at this point.
  • Insufficient air pressure: There may be a leak somewhere in the compressor line. At this point, it is important to check the hose or pipe for leaks or restrictions. This is easy to fix if you find something. It may also be necessary to clean or replace the air filter to improve pressure or airflow. There are ways to reduce the pressure drop in the system.
  • Air is blowing out of the intake valve: One cause of this could be a damaged first-stage intake valve. In this case, the valve assembly needs to be replaced. Excessive belt wear: Excessive belt wear can have several different causes.


  • The pulley may be misaligned, in which case it just needs to be realigned with the compressor flywheel. If the belt is too loose or too tight, the tension will need to be readjusted. If there is wobble, you can check the warning crankshaft, keyway, or pulley hole. These things can be caused by loose pulleys.
  • Excessesive blown fuse: If this is a recurring problem for you, it might be as simple as checking the amperage and rating of the fuse for proper use. There may also be low voltage in the system, or a defective unloader or check valve. It may be time for a replacement or repair. You also need to check the belt to see if it needs to be loosened.
  • Excessive oil consumption: Any number of issues can have an impact on increased oil use. Air intake may be restricted at this point, which can be resolved by cleaning or replacing the air filter. If oil leaks are the culprit, tightening the bolts or replacing the washers will do the trick. Piston rings may also need to be replaced. If you use the wrong oil viscosity, you will need to drain the oil and refill it with the proper viscosity. If the compressor is running on a tilt, it will need to be leveled. If there are nicks, you may also need to replace the cylinder.
  • Too much moisture in the air: If you are dealing with excess water in the compressor tank, you will need to shut down the system, lower the pressure, and drain the water. Installing an air dryer or air filter will minimize the amount of moisture in the air used.
  • Compressor Vibration: If the compressor continues to vibrate, the mounting bolts may be loose. In this case, they may just need to be tightened. Installing a vibrating pad might be another way to reduce this problem.
  • There is no pressure in the receiver when the compressor is off--probably just a faulty check valve. If this happens, the tank will need to be deflated. You can disassemble the check valve assembly and clean or replace any faulty parts.
  • The compressor stopped working-probably just a power outage. You can try plugging the compressor into a new power source. A bad unload valve can also cause the compressor to stop working. If so, it may just need to be replaced.

When Troubleshooting Doesn't Work Sometimes Contact a Professional 

Sometimesreplacing or tightening the problematic part may not be enough. If you've tried your best to troubleshoot your air compressor and you're still having problems, it may be time to contact compressor service. It also helps to remember that preventive maintenance helps troubleshoot these problems before they occur. Our experienced technicians can help ensure the job is done correctly. If you have problems with your air compressor, please contact us today!

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