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02 Mar 2022
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How to save energy and reduce carbon and save the earth? Start with reducing carbon emissions

For every extra kilowatt-hour of electricity that humans use, there will be one more carbon emission, because each kilowatt-hour of electricity (1000 watt-hours) will produce 0.554 kg of carbon emissions, assuming that one person runs an air conditioner (power consumption is 900 watts) every day Driving for 8 hours for a week consumes 50.4 kWh of electricity, which means that about 28 kilograms of carbon dioxide are emitted this week. However, if it is adjusted to only operate the air conditioner for 4 hours a day, then the carbon emission can be greatly reduced by 15 kg. It can be found from this that it is actually quite easy to reduce carbon emissions as long as you have the will. Each person can make a contribution to the green environment of the earth by turning on the air-conditioning for a few hours a day.


Therefore, the goal of carbon reduction can be achieved by means of saving energy. More ways to reduce carbon emissions are as follows. We all do our best for the earth.


  1. Cool air temperature set to 28°C

  2. Use energy-efficient appliances

  3. Bring your own shopping bags and cutlery

  4. by public transport

  5. Using renewable energy to generate electricity


We are proud to announce that ACPARTS Air Compressors are now certified as energy saving air compressors by MyHIJAU. MyHIJAU Mark & Directory is a Government initiative to promote the sourcing and purchasing of green products and services in Malaysia. For more information on MyHIJAU, please visit

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